(Feature Request?) Sort/Filter Things & Items From Within VS Code Extension

Hello! :wave:t2:

Is there any possible way to quickly filter/sort this list of openHAB Things & Items that populates within VS Code when using the openHAB VS Code Extension?

It is great that this “real-time” view of Things/Items is available for easy reference, but when you have almost a thousand Things + Items, it can be a bit difficult to work with. It would be FANTASTIC if I could quickly sort/filter these Things & Items by means of perhaps a simple search text input field, maybe located directly above them? Or, maybe with a button that would hide/show such a search box. Surely this could be implemented into the openHAB VS Code extension/GUI itself without too much difficulty? Is this something I could customize myself, by editing an extension file or something?

Another very helpful feature I would like to request, going a little further on this topic: It would be AWESOME if we could make use of this already available quick-reference list of Things/Items to create simple, real-time “debug views”/lists, to be viewed from within VS Code. Maybe these little Item-mock-up-list-views could even be “popped-out” and viewed as stand-alone floating windows? It would be nice to have such a real-time item list-view nearby/on-hand when we’re editing code in the main document editing area? I do know that I can hover over a Thing/Item in my code to quickly see the current state/status/last command, and I know I could always create a HABPanel dashboard or ClassicUI/BasicUI sitemap view to custom-list my Items but I don’t need something that permanent and it wouldn’t be worth the required coding effort for me to construct a sitemap or dashboard (especially since I can’t quickly filter/sort the items from within the existing openHAB extension GUI to begin with… blargh! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:)

Maybe these features are already possible and I am just not aware?
Thank you for your help / guidance / feedback!

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