Feature Request - Store Things/Items/Rules in Textfiles instead of database

Hi =), I want to discuss new way of storing things/items and Rules in openhab =) . Maybe this is already implemented yet, but it would be nice to store everything in textfiles instead of database, or provide some kind of export =). I lately experienced some database failure which was only be resolveable with this tutorial. All my things disappeared! How do I get them back?
It worked great! But was some pain and effort to restore…So maybe textfiles are a better way =). I’m looking for Opinions here because I’m not a Java developer and maybe I’m completely wrong…

You already can, and have been able to since the beginning. Have a read through this:

Sorry I meant when you define something over the paperui it’s only in database…as Paperui doesn’t exsis in openhab 3 anymore, maybe this isn’t the case and there is some other sort of admin-ui…

Yes there will be a new admin UI and everything is already been stored in textfiles, called jsonDB.
It is readable and editable and you can use versioning.
The only thing is, you have to stop openhab before you edit a jsonDB file…


Okay thanks =)

So… things, items, rules only go into a jsonDB in OH3? No more text based files?

No, did not say that. It is for UI created stuff. Textual config still exists.

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