Few simple binding questions (CLOSED)

  1. where are the bindings stored (installed from paperui)
  2. do the bindings get updates? where do these updates come from and are they automatically updated?
  3. if i made a backup of my entire OH folder would the bindings be backed up too

the reason i ask is i would like a backup of my OH SETUP that would be as simple as copying onto another computer and running this would be a last known good config backup

  1. I’m not 100% certain. I think in /var/lib/openhab2/cache but I’m not certain.

  2. Yes, if you do a proper upgrade (i.e. using apt, yum, or use the upgrade script).

  3. If you have a manual installation then yes. If you have an apt-get installation there isn’t just one OH folder.

I would not recommend this approach. I would recommend using the backup and restore scripts that exist in the bin folder. Instal OH on the new machine, copy over your backup, then use the restore script to restore.

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Ok thanks for that rich