FGBRS-001 standalone

I’m just starting with openHab and domotic.
Is-it possible to use Fibaro FGBRS-001 temp sensor on standalone through BLE and BLE binding?


No, Fibaro devices are ZWave that is not Bluetooth.

And please read and follow this next time:

Sorry, but i think this one (FGBRS-001) in not z wave but communicating with heat controller. And this heat controller is z wave (FGT-001).

My question was to know if there is possibility to capture this communication through BLE binding?


Le dim. 9 déc. 2018 à 17:44, Markus Storm bot@community.openhab.org a écrit :

It’s talking BT to the heat controller, but any BT connection is just visible to the participants, i.e. you cannot use the BLE binding on a thord device to see it.