Fgdw-002 door sensor not showing status


After having some trouble with my openhab2 setup, i did a total reinstall and now i can see my FGDW-002 door/window sensor in OH2.

But, i only get the temperature, and not the door status. Has anyone else got one that is working?

i have the same problem. Anyone who can help ?

I also have this problem. I recently got my FGDM-002 recognised with the help of Chris (see this topic).

Now the device is recognized and properly initialized, It does not report the sensor_binary field but the alarm_burglar and alarm_access items are triggered. I’ll see if I can add some zwave debugging log.

To rule out it’s the secure communication that’s not working, I’ve changed my configuration to this (changed #3 to “none of the groups sent as secure”):

I also tried configuring the FGDW with PaperUI, but it doesn’t allow to set a value of “255” for the “association for opening” parameter:

I’ll report back if it helped.

I think this was discussed elsewhere a few days ago. At the moment the way the database is configured is to use the binary sensor command class. The device probably defaults to using the notification command class and there’s a setting to change this in the device.

Hi, where do we change this? I can find the setting.

Chris had the channels updated in the development binding. I can confirm that the door status now works if using the very latest development build of the binding.


I’m new to Openhab and keep having this problem with the sensor…

How do you update the binding? I tried to reinstall it without luck, I understand that I need to manually install an updated version but don’t really know how.

I would appreciate some help on this.



I only wanted to push this issue. Is there any solution out, that fixes this problem with a small effort?

Or is this the only solution yet?


@masterchris_99 The commented solution is really not that difficult to implement.

@chris - can you confirm if the new zwave binding version which fixed this (the development version) is included in the 2.2 stable release just announced today ?


okay I can confirm that the window sensors work without a problem with the newest 2.2 version!


Are you sure that the sensor should work with the standard 2.2 version? I tried to add the sensor and only some information are working for me (except sensor open/close). Do you have any ideas how to get it work? Thanks for your help!



I added the openHab Controller in the Association Groups 2 & 3. I’m not sure if this made it working or the update to the newest binding version.


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@masterchris_99 Thanks a lot for the hint. I added the openHAB Controller and now it is working.

I’m using OpenHab on Pi, release 2.2.0-1 with the latest updates.
I had the same issue, the sensor was not itenditfied.
After adding the OpenHab Controller to the Association Groups, I get the temparature and the battery level.
Unfortunately, the door sensor itself is not working.

I read the solution to update the ZWave binding, but I’m not sure how to do this (still learning OH features every day :blush: )

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance, Jochen


i just added 3 window door sensors yesterday and after adding the OpenHab Controller all of them work just fine. The only thing is that the door state wont show anything till the action needs to be reported aka open/close the door.