FGR 222 roller shutter - Missing parameter 1 & 2


I just noticed that in my Fgr 222 items parameter 1 & 2 (1= deactivate local switch, 2 = deactivate rf / zwave commands) are missing on my OH 2.5.9 installation!?

I’m pretty sure that it was possible to set these parameters in previous versions.

Is there a way to set the parameter without habmin / paper ui? Or what can I do (I need para. 1 for child protection)?


What version of openHAB are you running?

Not really. what would be useful is, in HABmin, go to configuration -> Things -> [your thing] and all the way at the bottom, expand Attributes. That will give us details on your device. Ignore “Unknown Manufacturer”. That is a HABmin issue.

For example,

It’s 2.5.9. I’m pretty sure the missing parameters were available with OH 2.3.

Our database site is having issues right now so I am unable to check much. It is undergoing a data restoration.

is there any update on the issue? The problem still persists.


The database website just enabled logins today.

I am currently working and will try to clear some of the backlog this evening if somebody else does not get to it first.