FGS-223 with single switch

I use a Fibaro Double Switch 2 with two lights and one momentary switch connected. Is it possible to control the light connected to q2 with s1 (long tap, double tap…)?

thank you!

Have you checked the manual? There is a copy of the manual on the page for the zwave database entry.
If not, where have you searched for the answer?

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thank you for your reply!
If i had found the answer in the manual or elswhere, I wouldn‘t ask :wink:
So, yes I already checked the manual and searched the internet, including oh community.

There look to be many configuration options. Here is our device listing.

Not directly, both s1 and s2 are hard wired to q1 and q2. You’ll have to catch an double tap with a rule and send the command to q2. But q1 will also react to the command. Check the manual for scene control and double tap function.

As already mentioned: yes, with scenes.
You will get

Switch 1: 1xclick=1.0 ,2xclick=1.3,3xclick=1.4,press and hold=1.1
Switch 2: 1xclick=2.0 ,2xclick=2.3,3xclick=2.4,press and hold=2.1


Additional features

Activating scenes

The Switch 2 can activate scenes in the Z-Wave controller by sending scene ID and attribute of a specific action using Central Scene Command Class.
By default scenes are not activated, set parameters 28 and 29 to enable scene activation for selected actions.

Switch Action Scene ID Attribute
Switch connected to S1 terminal Switch clicked once 1 Key Pressed 1 time
Switch clicked twice 1 Key Pressed 2 times
Switch clicked thrice 1 Key Pressed 3 times
Switch held 1 Key Held Down
Switch released 1 Key Released
Switch connected to S2 terminal Switch clicked once 2 Key Pressed 1 time
Switch clicked twice 2 Key Pressed 2 times
Switch clicked thrice 2 Key Pressed 3 times
Switch held 2 Key Held Down
Switch released 2 Key Released

Works great! Thanks!