FGSD002 Fibaro Smoke Detector configuration

I have purchased another fibaro smoke sensor but after receiving it, I realised it’s actually a new, different version of the product!

I am using following config:

Contact ZWave_Fire_IND_ServerRoom_Smoke        "Server room fire detected"                 (IND_ServerRoom)                                  { zwave="15:command=sensor_alarm,alarm_type=1" } 
Contact ZWave_Fire_IND_ServerRoom_Tamper       "Smoke detector tampered"                 (IND_ServerRoom)                                  { zwave="15:command=sensor_alarm,alarm_type=0" } 
Number  ZWave_Fire_IND_ServerRoom_Battery      "Smoke detector batt Level [%d %%]"       (IND_ServerRoom, LocalPersist, gZwaveBatteries)   { zwave="15:command=battery" }
Number  ZWave_Fire_IND_ServerRoom_Temperature  "Smoke detector temperature [%.1f °C]"    (IND_ServerRoom, LocalPersist)                    { zwave="15:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1" }

I am receiving temperature updates, however, the item with battery is not updated (I have not tested the alarms yet).

When I look through HABmin, I can see the battery under “power”.

Also, the Generic Device Class is GARAGE_DOOR - is this correct?

@petr Hi Petr, I have the same configuration details (Garage Door) and problems. Furthermore no alarms are recognized! Did you come to a conclusion?

FGSD002 is sure different from FGSS001 (the previous version).

Regarding updates on battery, mind that it’s a battery powered device, so first, it won’t update until it wakes up.
Second, I use %s instead of %d . I don’t recall why, but it works.

Number EG_Wohnen_Bat "Wohnen Brandmelder [%s %%]" <battery> (EG_Wohnen,Batterien) { zwave="54:command=battery" }


PS: my one’s showing GARAGE, too.

@mstormi Could you also help in this topic: Rule with the Fibaro Smoke Sensor

@roher and me face the problem that we only get a 0 when the test button is pressed, so the detector is not funtional with openHAB. And if you have it working maybe you can give us some helpful instructions.

Did you find a solution for your problem? I’ve connected multiple FGDS002 to my OpenHAB. None of them is reporting the battery status. Also some of them also don’t report the temperature.


match wakeup interval with refresh_interval in items file