FGWP101 Metered Wall Plug Switch no longer switching off

When using Openhab the plug is no longer switching off. I hear a click and the meterings go to 0 and the led switches off but the plug itself keeps getting power. This is the case for all my plugs

I’m not sure I understand your issue correctly.

is the expected behavior. Only the output side of the plug will be switched off and this seems to be the case as you say

The plug itself needs to be powered continiously, otherwise OH would not be able to switch it (more precisely: the output side of the plug) back on again.

I am not talking about the plug itself, I am talking about the stuff plugged into the plug. for example I have all my multimedia like tv, soundbar and mediaplayers connected to the fibaro plug when I switch the plug off I want to shutdown everything connected to that plug. That’s how it worked before

Check configuration parameter #1:

… but if param #1 = 0 the plug should deliver energy data.

Sounds like a fault, shorted out relay contacts. Sometimes happens due to overload e.g. beware using lighting rated devices for heating equipment.

… but then all devices would have burned out? Well, maybe … :slight_smile:

no they are not burned out they where always under nominal load and then it would be more plausable the whole thing would be bust