FIAT Uconnect: getting BEV information into openHAB

This week we get our second BEV - a Fiat 500e.
As far as I can see, there’s no binding for this in openHAB and it seems I can only find integrations into some software like,,, …

Is there someone, who managed to integrate his Stellaris-car into openHAB using either one of the above or is there even some kind of script (python, php, nodered, …) for it, from which you could send the values to openHAB?

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As I hopefully will get a Fiat vehicle in some weeks I started to search for some code to integrate it into my smart home setup.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. Therefore I took this post as a starting point to realize a PHP code by myself. PHP because I’m familiar with it and it could be used quite easily.

Please find the actual code here:

As PHP is quite easy to understand also for people not working with it on a daily basis, maybe there could be found someone who could transfer this code to a OpenHAB binding as well.

As I don’t have any real vehicle available yet, I was not able to finalize all the coding and testing. If you’d like to contribute please send feedback or exemplary data. If noone will do, I’ll proceed with this project as soon my Fiat car is here :wink:

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Looks quite promising. But I found out at the dealership at pickup, that as I ordered the bare minimum available for the 500e (Fiat 500e Action - without the entertainment display), there’s not UConnect for this car. So unfortunately I can’t test - but have fun with the car, I love it!

we also get a 500e (with! Uconnect) in march and I asked myself the same questions as the predecessor was a Skoda, which runs well with openhab. I´ve another car from the stellantis-group already (an Alfa, not a BEV), which has Uconnect and have given up to get the info from the app into openhab, as I´m not able to code something.

open to help and/or test, just let me know!

I didn’t find any information about the Alfa API - if someone else has an idea please let me know and I will include it to the script.

Not sure, but I think, as it also called “Uconnect”, it is the same API??

I’ve got the car now (the 500e) as well as the uconnect-account (another one that the one for the Alfa) and was able to get the SOC of the car via the build-in evcc-module in my openWB-Wallbox. I’ll forward the data via MQTT to openhab. Works like a charm so far.

The only disadvantage in comparison to the Skoda is, that i only see the SOC, no other info like “open door”, “milage”, “location” etc.
But to be honest, that’s just info, which I never needed nor did i do anything else with these info than just displaying (on request). I just did it because I could :wink: