Fibaro Button FGPB-101 // Change Scene from OH

The Fibaro Button FGPB-101 has a channel Scene Number which changes value depending on the number of button taps. This channel value is read only in OH. Does anyone know if there a work around whereby Scene Number can also be changed from OH?

The item that is linked to the Scene Number channel is not read-only and can be changed by any of the normal means; I do it all the time.

Because this is a push button, it isn’t even really sensible for it to “store” the scene number. That is an event the device produces more than it is a state the device has, so in that regard there’s not really any reason to update the device itself with a “new” scene value. Also, it’s a battery z-wave device so it’s asleep 99.9% of the time and trying to send a value to it from OH would either be futile or use up the battery on a weekly basis.

I’m guessing this is an XY problem, and you’re trying to accomplish something else with the scene number. Perhaps you have some direct z-wave associations defined and are trying to work out how to trigger one or more of those association groups from OH?

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