Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Minimum setting too bright

I find the minimum setting of Fibaro Dimmer 2 (1%) to be too bright. According to the manual (, parameter 1 defines what the minimum will be, but the default is already 1 so I cannot lower it anymore. Do you think there is any other way, or should I pick another bulb which isn’t that bright?


Controlling, and in particular dimming light bulbs has become a very complex task with the modern mix of incandescent, fluorescent, and now LED bulbs which all can operate with transformers (many types), or at mains voltage (with several different internal power supply types).

The simplest suggestion with a Fibaro FGD-212 Dimmer 2 is to experiment with different bulb types, remembering to force a recalibration each time (turn the incoming mains power to the unit OFF then ON, when it should turn the bulb on and off 1-2 times to test what it has connected, or read the instructions to use the FGD212 coloured LED and internal button) until manual control with a local switch gives what you want.

As you’ve seen, there are many parameters in the device which can be tweaked with Z-Wave, but my personal experience is you can waste months of time to gain very little benefit. Just try a different bulb, and force a recalibration. My experience (with 3-wire wiring) is a Bypass 2 makes no difference.

Some more information on both configuration and the electrical issues with dimming are in this thread:

Good Luck!

Thanks. I will follow your suggestion. That bulb is too bright anyway for the room. I was just hopping for more flexibility on the controller but I understand what you are saying. Bulbs aren’t just bulbs anymore. They are complex devices themselves.