Fibaro dimmer behaves strange

Platform information:

Hardware: raspberry pi 3+

OS: Openhabian

OpenHAB version: latest version 2.4.0 Release build

Zwave dongle: Aeotec

Zwave devices: FGD211 Universal Dimmer 500W at Toggle mode (push button) some in a three way switch setup.


When i push the physical button, nothing happens with the lights. When I press the button for several seconds the light starts to turn on. To switch of the light I need to press the button for several seconds and then release and press the button again quickly to switch the light of. When I use the openhab app the light responds right away. Allthough some times I need to select the light twice.

I removed everything from the openhab installation and started all over, but the devices who are connected with the zwavecontroller/openhab keep having the problem. And the dimmers without the connection and working as stand alone dimmer work normally when I push the phisicall button. Does any one know how I can solve this problem?

Check zwave debug log to see when after button press a message is sent. If there’s a delay you probably misconfigured zwave parameters (scene activation ? S1/S2 switched ? restore last dimming value ? use 3way ?). Or even the wiring could be wrong as you mention a 3way setup.
This then has nothing to do with openHAB.
And/or associations are wrong (you only need the lifeline association to the controller).

Thnxs Markus for your reply😊

As soon as I get home I will look into it, I do think it is configuration thing. As the dimmers worked before with fibaro home center 2 and last year with openhab2.3.

I will check/post the log and make some pictures of the settings in habmin. Hopefully I can get this to work again.

This is the configuration. Which setting needs to be adjusted?

I don’t know your setup and intent so can’t tell.
You have to find out yourself, I already named a couple of parameters I would check.

Top tip; make any zwave settings changes using HABmin - that looks like something else?

Did change the associations today, and it is working again😁

Thanks for the advise👍🏼