Fibaro Dimmer2 turning off automatically, after a few seconds


Hope someone will be able to help me troubleshoot and issue I am having with a Fibaro Dimmer 2, fibaro_fgd212_03_005.

Whenever I turn on the light, either via the switch or via openhab. The light comes on for a couple of seconds and then turns off again.

I have multiple dimmer2 but it is only this one that is causing me issues. I have a fibaro bypass installed on this light.

I have attached my openhab.log file here with an example, it is z-wave node 10 that is the issue.
new 1.txt (73.8 KB)

Any help would be appreciated

Try to exclude / include it from your controller. If that does not work, exclude it and factory reset it.
Just to be sure shutdown openhab so you don’t have any rules running amok (that should be visible in the events log).