Fibaro Double 2 switch - S1 2 Way & S2 3 way

Hi all,

I hope that someone will be able to help, me and my sparky have been banging our heads against the wall with this.

I am just starting out on my journey with fibaro z wave modules. Managed to get most of my fibaro kit installed and working, without too much hassle.

Is it possible to use a fibaro double 2 switch to control to 2 lighting circuits with the following configuration:

S1 with a 2x 2 way switch. Toggle switches. Controlling Q1 light fitting.

S2 with 2x 2 way switch with an intermediate switch in the middle. Toggle switches. Controlling Q2 light fitting.

I can’t seem to get all the light switches and the Zwave control to play together nicely. On S1 can only get 2 out of 3 control methods working. On S2 only get 2 out of 3 control methods working.

I think my sparky is about to rip the double switch out and throw it in bin! And to be honest I can’t blame him.

I/my sparky would appreciate a wiring diagram, plus any parameters that need to be configured in order to get this working.

Does parameter 20 come into play.


Yes you can.

As this is a common question you will find full answers on the fibaro forum.

If you tell your sparky to treat S1 and S2 as if they are the load the manual switches are controlling then he has the circuit.

The parameters need setting to press or toggle depending what type of switch you are using. They do default to toggle.

There are diagrams in the manual.