Fibaro Double Switch 2 for three-way switch

Is it possible to use a Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223) for three way switches? I have two lamps connected each one to two three way switches. One wall switch system is a double switch which have two three way switches to control the two lamps. I would like to put a Double Switch 2 behind this double three way switch to control both lamps, without deactivating the three way switch system. Is this possible?

you cannot put a single pole switch in and expect the 3 way system to work properly. but,…you could, depending on your wiring use 2 sindle pole switches in place of the 3 ways and set up a rule that when either of them changes its state, depending on whether the state of the lamps is on or off, chage to the other state…or do zwave 3 way switches.

The FGS-223 can support 3-way, see parameter 20 of the manual and these hints (sorry, German only).
But at least I haven’t understood what you want to achieve, and this forum is not there to give advice on electrical installation. 230VAC, if done wrong, means danger of death. Go (and pay) for an electrician.

Yes, this helps actually. It’s the second picture of your 2nd link that I’m interested in.