Fibaro FGBS-222 Smart Implant: first trigger of the "Input 1 Alarm" channel is ignored


I use a Fibaro connected to a wired door opening detector to detect the opening of my gate.
The door opening detector is wired to the Input 1 of the FGBS which is configured as Normally open alarm input.
When I first open my gate in the morning, the Input 1 alarm is not triggered. If I close and reopen the gate, things work as expected and everything works fine for the rest of the day. Same thing happens every day.

It looks like something happens during the night and prevent the alarm to be triggered after a certain amount of time (perhaps the device goes to some kind sleep mode and need to be first woken up ?).

I’m pretty new to the zwave world, would need some help to figure out what problem I’m facing.

I’m using Openhab 2.5.4. The FGBS-222 has been included in security mode.
The Zwave controller is an Everspring SA413 USB stick.

The first thing to determine would be if your event is seen by openHAB. Perhaps look in your events.log.

If OH restarted without persistence so the first state is null?

I tried with the zwave binding set in debug level logging, nothing is logged when my gate is first opened in the morning.
The problem also occurs after a power off/power on of the Smart Implant, both when using security or not.
So I guess it’s probably a bug of the Fibaro module itself.

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Is the Fibaro defective or the door opening detector? Perhaps you could get the device replaced as defective.
If either device is battery operated, it could be a device wakeup issue.

I am reminded by a recent unrelated thread that zwave can do “nightly heal”, with unwanted side effects.
If you were having trouble with state NULL I’d be more inclined to think that could be involved, but -

maybe that rules it out.

I don’t think the door opening detector is defective as I can consistently reproduce the problem after a power cycle of the Fibaro module.
The device is not battery operated and always powered on.
Will try to switch the inputs to see if the problem also occurs on the second input.

Well, i did some more testing.
The door opening detector is definitely out of cause, it works just fine.
Input 2 has the same behavior than Input 1 (no reaction on first change after a power off/power on cycle or after a long time).
I will send an email to Fibaro support to see if this is a known behavior.

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