Fibaro FGMS001 binary sensor not working but temperature/lux

I have struggled a couple of months with the FGMS001 sensor - and everything works fine with all other properties like temperature, lux but the binary sensor is not trigged. The sensor itself recognizes movement and flashes.

I´ve used examples found here on the community.

Anyone had the same problem?


Group ZwaveEye1 “Motion Sensor” (Zwave)
Number ZwaveEye1Lux “Motion Sensor [%.2f Lux]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:sensor_luminance” }
Number ZwaveEye1Battery “Motion Sensor [%d %%]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:battery-level” }
Number ZwaveEye1Temp “Motion Sensor [%.1f C]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:sensor_temperature” }
Switch ZwaveEye1Motion “Motion Sensor Motion [%s]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:sensor_binary” }
Contact ZwaveEye1MotionC “Motion Sensor MotionC [%s]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:sensor_binary” }
Switch ZwaveEye1Alarm “Motion Sensor Alarm [%s]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:alarm_general” }
Switch ZwaveEye1AlarmBurglar “Motion Sensor Alarm b [%s]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:alarm_burglar” }
Number ZwaveEye1Seismic “Motion Sensor Seismic [%f]” (ZwaveEye1) { channel=“zwave:device:92ff0b05:node9:sensor_seismicintensity” }

The command class the newer version of this sensor uses seems not to be compatible with the zwave binding (standard or experimental). There is a hacky workaround, but it can’t distinguish between the two inputs: