Fibaro FGS-213 (relay switch) problems

Hello together!

Months ago I installed openHab2 (2.0.0) on a RPi. I wanted to test out openHab and enjoy this great system. To get in touch I buyed a FGS-213 to setup a doorlight. Everything worked perfect. Also astro and homekit is working well.

These days i wanted get more things smart. I buyed four FGS-213 and one FGK-10x (Doorsensor) to get my hole outdoor lighting smart. To setup the FGK-10x as simple as possible I switched from OH2-RELEASE to OH2-SNAPSHOT. And now the wired problem. The new FGS-213 version 3.2 (same as the first one) is working as well if I use OH (also all the services and UI’s) but if i use the the physical switch OH does nothing. The relay swap the lamp lights up and nothing around OH get the changes - also the event log has no information about the physical touch. I don’t know whats wrong. The first one is working well.

I can send you the items file… but I double checked… and its so simple… I used PaperUI for the pairing (exact the same way like the first one months ago).

What can I do?

Greetings and a lot of thx for your help!


Check 2 areas of your OH2 system:

a) HABmin -> Configuration -> Things -> (FGS-213 a/b/c/d) -> Configuration Parameters
and check the first (a) working settings against the other 3 (b,c,d). Especially, parameter 20.

b) PaperUI->Configuration->Things-> (FGS-213 a/b/c/d) -> Channels
and check the links and the items

If you used simple linking mode from PaperUI, you will not have anything in your *.items files. Everything will be configured via PaperUI (which is fine)


a) I checked all parameters into PaperUI (on edit thing) - seems all like the first FGS
b) Channels also the same (used)
c) I use a item file

Is there a difference between the parameters in PaperUI and HABmin? May i should install HABmin? But i changed no parameters also at the first FGS. :confounded:

item file:

Group Licht
Group Garten
Group Leistung
Group Garage

Switch LichtTuer_Switch "Eingangstür" <light> (Licht, Garten) [ "Lighting" ]
Number LichtTuer_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (Leistung)

Number GarageRot_Battery "Garage Rot [%.0f %%]" <battery> (Batterie, Garage)

Switch LichtTuerKueche_Switch "Küche" <light> (Licht, Garten) [ "Lighting" ]
Number LichtTuerKueche_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (Leistung)

Switch LichtTerrasse_Switch "Terrasse" <light> (Licht, Garten) [ "Lighting" ]
Number LichtTerrasse_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (Leistung)

No, there is no difference. I just find HABmin more reliable when playing around with Z-Wave Things (editing their configs).

If you can, link the channels manually within your *.items file. Example:

Switch  LichtTuer_Switch	"Eingangstür"	<light>	(Licht, Garten)	["Lighting"]	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node4:switch_dimmer"}

use the {channel="<channel_name>"} method
get the <channel_name> from PaperUI for the thing (there is a copy icon next to the channel name also for convenience)

You will have more control like this (instead of linking the items manually via PaperUI).

Small tip: For your Groups, use “g” in front of the name. It will help you later on to identify faster the Groups and not to confuse them with other Items :slight_smile:

Group gLicht
Group gGarten
Group gLeistung
Group gGarage

Of course, update each line item with the correct Group names after that :blush:

…also check if you have association group “Lifeline” set to the controller:

Hello together,

thank you for your help! :heart_eyes:
Here is what I did:

a) I ‘re-engineered’ :sweat_smile: my items file thx for your tip!
b) I restarted OH2
c) I searched this Lifeline parameter into my zwave-Controller on PaperUI and i can’t find it :worried:
d) I installed HABmin and found the Lifeline parameter into the things and yes ‘openHAB Controller’ is active
til here no changes it’s still not working - just the first switch
f) I dropped my zwave-controller from the things, I uninstalled the zwave-binding, I installed both again
g) I setup my things again (adress from the controller has changed)
just a note: the old things still there i tryed to remove them on PaperUI but they stay on ‘removing’ all time… :confounded:
And the problem is still there… no chance … only the first FGS is working well… :sweat:

The new item file:

Group gLicht
Group gGarten
Group gLeistung
Group gGarage

Switch TuerLicht_Switch "Eingangstür" <light> (gLicht, gGarten) [ "Lighting" ] {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node2:switch_binary"}
Number TuerLicht_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (gLeistung) {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node2:meter_watts"}

Switch KuecheTuerLicht_Switch "Küche" <light> (gLicht, gGarten) [ "Lighting" ] {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node4:switch_binary"}
Number KuecheTuerLicht_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (gLeistung) {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node4:meter_watts"}

Switch TerrasseLicht_Switch "Terrasse" <light> (gLicht, gGarten) [ "Lighting" ] {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node5:switch_binary"}
Number TerrasseLicht_Power "Leistung [%.0f Watt]" <energy> (gLeistung) {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node5:meter_watts"}

Number GarageRotSensor_Battery "Garage Rot [%.0f %%]" <battery> (gGarage) {channel="zwave:device:32c5b200:node3:battery-level"}

Oh one more note:
I was wondering that the doorsensor has routing active? Isn’t that bad for the battery-life? Is this maybe a problem? I was also wondering that HABmin network-viewer is drawing a bit unhappy. Or this is rly a problem!?
Ah next side-note --> I could drop the old things in HABmin - it seems there is a small bug in PaperUI.
Have a look at the network-view - node 3 is of course the battery driven doorsensor:

Ok it’s hard for me to understand the problem but i solved the problem and i exacly know how.
So I tell you the solution hope somebody who has the same trouble read this:

The fist FGS I buyed months ago uses the items ‘switch_binary’ and ‘meter_watts’. That works well! The new ones need switch_binary1 and meter_watts1 then they work perfectly! :triumph:

A small side note: If I use switch_binary1 and meter_watts1 on the first FGS it won’t work.

What is the channel name that is displayed in PaperUI for the new ones?
Is it “switch_binary” or “switch_binary1” ?

Each of them has

  1. switch_binary
  2. switch_binary1
  3. switch_binary2
  4. meter_watts
  5. meter_watts1
    and a lot more…

This is odd, the FGS213 has only one switch/relay and should not show any trailing “2”'s or even “1”'s.

Actually that is a feature of the FGS223 (two switches, two relays)
There has been a database update 28 days ago, maybe that user did mix those two versions up?

Ummm - no, according to the database link you added, the device has 2 switches, and two endpoints, and this is therefore fine.

I expect that the second switch is used as a controller - ie there’s no physical relay to switch a load, but you can add a button and use this button to trigger loads other on other devices.

According to the manual you are right:

Yes Chris is right. But where does the difference come from? Is Fibaro updating their firmware without changeing the version? I read a little about this “common class attribute basic” and it seems this is not for all switches active and more it is on different switches active!?



The difference between what and what? As far as I know all versions of this device have had this functionality.

Hmm… maybe I describe not good enough. The old FGS report its state only on channel switch_binary, all the new ones only on switch_binary1.

(Same with its meter_watts and meter_watts1 channel.)

This isn’t a simple issue and there are a few things that can feed in to this so I can’t easily say if this has changed or not. Maybe the binding changed - certainly it’s different from OH1 in that we now use the multi-channel association, and this will definately impact this.

Hi @ all. Could anybody tell me where I must change the configuration to switch_binary1 ? I have the same issue, OH2.2.0 on Raspberry Pi2 with FGS-213. I have 6 nodes and a z-wave Stick. But I have no Items or things file, because I configured all with HABmin- and I learned (i‘m a openhab noob) that in this case - all is stored in the 4 jasondb files… (right?)

Thanks to all

Edit: I forget to say, that im using the new z-wave binding from @chris because I have three Fibaro Door/Window sensors 2 (works great) - thank you very much for this!!

Open your device thing in HABmin, go to the Channels section, delete your current items linked to the switch_binary channel, click the plus sign for the switch channel (that may not be the first one in the list!), find that one which gives you a switch_binary1 at the end of the items name.

Then link your item to that channel by simply clicking “Save”:

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Thank you very much for this. It works like a charm :slight_smile:
I used always the first “switch” channel - i don´t recognized the difference to the others.
And the most of the time I read here, the most talk about config files (*.items / *.things…) and I don´t know how to deal with that. sorry-for-the-bad-english