Fibaro FGS-222 - no movement in 1 switch


Using OH2 (2.1.0 from openhabian)

I am installing a Fibaro FGS-222 (double relay switch) having a double momentary switch.
FGS-222 is configured to have momentary switch.

When switching on physical pad it works from electricity perspective but switch 1 never get updated in PaperUI or Android App.
When switching from PaperUI or Android App they are synchronized and toggled.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Switch MySwitch1 “MySwitch1” (gCellar) {channel=“zwave:device:5c577df9:node21:switch_binary1”}
Switch MySwitch2 “MySwitch2” (gCellar) {channel=“zwave:device:5c577df9:node21:switch_binary2”}

For physical switch 1 use channel switch_binary, for switch 2 use switch_binary2

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Seems to work fine - thanks