Fibaro FGS211 and energy values

If installed a FGS211, switching works perfectly from openhab.
According to the docs, the switch should provide energy values (power consumption of the attached device).
I tried the following binding, but do not get energy value:

Switch Light_OG_Flur_Treppe					"Flur Treppenlicht"											(All) 	{zwave="2:command=switch_binary"}
Number Power_OG_Flur_Treppe		"Treppenlicht - aktuell [%.1f W]"						{ zwave="2:command=sensor_multilevel"}
Number Energy_OG_Flur_Treppe	"Treppenlicht - total [%.2f KWh]"   				{ zwave="2:command=meter" }

I do not have an FGS-211 installed, but I do have several FGWPE’s (Fibaro Wall Plug). These devices also provide power consumption and energy measurements, and one could hope that since they are both Fibaro devices, the setup is similar/identical.

My working setup is as follows:

Number      S01D004_nPower      { zwave="9:command=sensor_multilevel, sensor_type=4" }
Number      S01D004_nEnergy     { zwave="9:command=meter, meter_scale=E_KWh" }

No that does not work :frowning:

Are these the standard Fibaro 2x1.5kW relays? I don’t think they do report energy usage, at least I have never seen one doing so. Unless this is a new model of their relay model I haven’t seen yet?

You are right, I double checked the documentation. They will not report. I had a look and a third party zwave database which said those device support the meter command classes. My fault sorry. :disappointed_relieved: