Fibaro FGS221 and physical switch


I have installed a Fibaro FGS211 integrated with my openhab (1.7.1) system. With this device I can switch on/off a light, that is also controlled by a physical switch.

Whether I swith the light ON/OFF from the controller or the physical switch openhab is informed and shows in my map.

But my question is if there is any way to inform openhab in the light has been switch on/off by the physical switch. I’ve asked this in other domotic forums and somebody told that in eedoums it is posible, but I don’t know if it is in openhab and how to configure.

Any help?

I have no experience with this particular Fibaro product (it’s in my bag of goodies but not yet deployed), however, I have a similar setup using and “Aeotec Micro Smart Switch G2” which is basically the same type of device.

With this device any changes to the state of the light caused by using the physical switch is reported to openHAB so that my sitemap is updated.

I suspect that if this does not work for the FGS-221 then you may have a problem with your associations. Are you sure you have configured an association with your Z-Wave controller so that the FGS-221 knows where to send update reports?

Openhab it is reported in any change on the state of the light. This is not my problem.

What I want to know is the change is produced from the physical switch or from Openhab.

Aha! Then I misunderstood your problem description. Sorry.

As far as I know such a device (keeping in mind that I have no experience with this particular device) will not report back information about whether the physical switch or the “openHAB item” caused the output (the light in your case) to switch state.

That said, I think this is something you can handle with a rule in openHAB.

If you hit the switch button in your sitemap (assuming you have such a setup) there will be a command (from openHAB) on the event bus most likely followed by a state change event (from the device). If, on the other hand, you hit the physical switch on the device, there will only be the state change event (from the device) on the bus.

With the correct rule (or rules) in place you should be able to distinguish between these two cases.

I hope this gets you further.

OK. I’ll try this way