Fibaro FGS223 Meter Reset

I have several Fibarop FGS223 double switches in operation. The reset of the energy meter works in principle via openhab. Unfortunately, only channel # 1 is always reset. does anyone know a solution?

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I too have this issue, it seems it resets the consumption but not the usage since on, which makes it difficult to reset your usage daily if you want to track power consumption over the day

happy new year everyone,

At the turn of the year I also noticed that the energy measurement of the 2nd channel of a Fibaro Double Switch FGS223 was not reset, only the first channel!

In the z-Wave database you can find a meter reset for each endpoint!

So I suspect that the “Meter Reset” switch displayed in OpenHAB only refers to the 1st switch (Endpoint1) and therefore only the energy measurement for the first channel is reset.

I opened a ticket in the Z-Wave database!

Based on the DB there should be a channel for resetting the meter on EP2. Two reasons you might not have it 1) You are on an older OH version (before 3-13-2021) 2) You need to refresh your device. Delete thing- (do not exclude), go to inbox–>zwave–> scan → add. Then check the channels.

It is common that the Root and EP1 channels are the same (mirroring), so a root channel will only act on EP1, not the whole device

It seems we’re having the same discussion on the database ticket system :wink: As suggested above, and as suggested on the ticket, please update to the latest version, and delete/add the device back so that it picks up the latest definition.


thank you for the information.
I assumed that the thingdescription would be updated automatically.
After disconnecting the channels and deleting the thing and adding the thing again, all channels are available.

Unfortunately the OH core doesn’t provide any way to manage such updates, so the only way to do this is to remove the thing, and add it again so that the definition from the binding updates the definition stored in your configuration.