Fibaro FIBEFGS-223 only updates total watt meter (BUG?)

I noticed that the energy consumption for the Fibaro Module FIBEFGS-223 is not shown on the invidual ports.
This means, if port 1 shows 15,7 Watts (typical amount for my lamp) the first number item also shows 15,7 Watts.
But: when i switch of the port, only the total watt meter gets updated to 0.

Number	Power_ZWave_36		"lamp"			{channel="zwave:device:zstick1:node36:meter_watts"}
Number	Power_ZWave_36_1	"lamp Port 1"	{channel="zwave:device:zstick1:node36:meter_watts1"}
Number	Power_ZWave_36_2	"lamp Port 2"	{channel="zwave:device:zstick1:node36:meter_watts2"}

Why is this happening?

The module is quite new, i ordered it from amazon.

i recorded the issue:

Please provide a debug logfile showing what the device is sending - without this I can only guess what is happening…