FIBARO Heat Controler + FIBARO Window sensor

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: raspi 3.0
    • openHAB version: 2.5.10

I have recetnly bought FIBARO Heat Controller and FIBARO WINDOW/DOOR sensor.
While configuring heat controller I read in the specification there is possibility to configure it the way it will react ont he window open.

How can I pair them in a way the heat controler will recognize the window status?
Is it possible with openhab?
Somehow parameter 3 (Additional function status) can not be set. Is always 0.

Hi open window detection is probably algorithm inside heating head probably if head detect quick temperature drop this mean that window is opened… With combination of window sensor you can make some rule which ill turn off heating in head when you open window and turn it back on when you close window.

Is there any evidence on that?

This I made anyway. I was thinking to skip this rule if the Thermostat Head has the functionality configurable…

Thanky you for your relply anway @Dejan. Let me see if some of the useres have experience with these two FIBARO products working together…

I have few(Around 30) Fibaro devices from Dimmers, Outlets, Heat Controllers, Shutters …
Heat Controller do not support any associations and probably there is no way to do that as you wish. This is also not posible with original Fibaro Gateways and can be done with scenes(Like rules in OH):

Maybe Im wrong but probably this can’t be done with their Heat Controllers as you would like to do… You will probably need find some other zwave controllers which support associations…

It seems you are right. I read about multiply schedules possibilities and this is not possible within exisitng openhab functionality.
Wondering if change on this is planned in the future releases of openhab.