Fibaro Heat Controller doesnt show temperature value

Dear community,

I am using the Fibaro Heat Controller FGT-001 + FGBRS-001 (thermostat radiator + Temp. Sensor) and after Install and configure the device in the Openhab using Z-wave network. I can do a control of operation mode (OFF-Heat only), push the setpoint to valvule and see the Battery level of valvule, but I cannot see the temperature of valvule and the aditional temperature sensor.

Anybody here can share your experiency with this Z-wave componnent? What I can do to solve it?

It’s a mere guess but I read you need to have the external temperature sensor properly connected for this to show any temperature. I guess you didn’t install that (or didn’t pair properly).
Makes sense as the internal one is in a very badly suited location to deliver a proper value thus control won’t work well without.

Many Thanks for your comments @mstormi , I did again the full installation process to connect the external temperature sensor and after that I connected the Thermostat again to Openhab controller, the resulte was the same, only the node number was changed.
No temperature value showed, do you have another suggestion for me, the winter is coming!


I have the same issue. Temperature is not shown (0.0°C). Does anybody know why?