Fibaro or Aeon as start with Z-Wave?


i want to openup my installation to z-wave, but i am unsure if i should go with the stuff from Fibaro or Aeon. Is one of them better suited to use with openhab?


Well, I use both, and they work fine together, and with the OpenHAB z-wave binding.

Fibaro doesn’t have a USB z-wave controller, so you need something else there anyway.

I use fibaro shutter and switch controls with a USB stick and it works pretty well with openhab.


I also have devices of both and they work well.

The advantage with Z-Wave is that you are pretty much guaranteed that devices from different companies will inter-operate. Of course, some companies make ‘nicer’ or better features devices than others, but like many here, I have both Fibaro and Aeon, and both companies produce excellent products and both companies have been very supportive with openHAB Z-Wave binding developments.

Cool, that basicly means i can get whatever device that suits the requirements best without having to stick to one brand or something like that. Thank you for your feedback!