Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 & two white LED Strips

I have recently both RGBW Controller 2 from Fibaro and connected my two LED strips according to the pictures in manual. OUT1 (R) OUT2 (G).

I do not understand the channels construction. We have:

  • Dimmer
  • Dimmer 1
  • Dimmer 2
  • Dimmer 3
  • Dimmer 4
  • Dimmer 5
  • Color Control
  • Color Temperature
  • Color Control 1
  • Color Temperature 1

BTW. Why there is so dimmer channels defined?

I defined Dimmer as switch to ON/OFF both strips. Dimmer 1 and Dimmer 2 shall control the White LED strips with pwm width 0-100% connected to OUT1 and OUT2

Dimmer works fine. But i think Dimmer 1 and Dimmer 2 are connected to each other. I can change the brightness with both channels (?) If I set one of the parameters (eg. 50) on a slider. After while it changes the value to lower one. This is very confusing me. Does it have sth to do with parameter

151: Local control - transition time

Changing 151 parameter to 1 does not help too much

150: Inputs - LED colour control mode
Inputs - LED colour control mode
This parameter determines how connected switches control LED strips.

0 – RGBW mode (every input controls output with the same number, IN1-OUT1, IN2-OUT2, IN3-OUT3, IN4-OUT4)
1 – HSB and White mode (inputs works in HSB color model, IN1-H (Hue), IN2-S (Saturation), IN3-B (Brightness), IN4-White (OUT4)

How to configure RGBW Controller to smoothly dim OUT1 (R) OUT2 (G) with the slider?

Reading this post I doubt there is a possibility for a simple dimming control of two white LED stripes independently.
I just want to slide the brightness from 0%-100% on two outputs.
Was someone able to manage it?