Fibaro RGBW controller looses last state during power cuts > how to trigger rule when "thing" becomes online

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B
    • OS: Openhabian-pi-raspios32
    • openHAB version: 3.2.0
  • Issue of the topic:

I’m using a Fibaro RGBW (v1) controller behind a classical wall-switch. So whenever I turn off the light using the switch the power cuts on the RGBW controller. Normally the Device is expected to remember the last state and when being powered turn on the light (assuming it was turned on before). Unfortunately I have frequently the issue that the controller looses the last state so that I have to turn it on using the z-wave controller.
The there any event that I can use to trigger a rule to set a defined brightness when the rgbw controller “calling in as ONLINE” with the gateway controller?


In general, un powering Z-wave nodes in a mesh network is not a good idea.
Nodes kept in the RGBW controller routing table and perhaps your entire Z-wave network becomes unstable, so if possible, try to keep it powered on if possible.

That said, have you set parameter 16 to 1?

With regards to parameter settings, yes Param 16 is set to 1. Unfortunately Fibaro RGBW controller frequently looses the previous state anyhow…

Good point about the mesh aspect. The alternative, and maybe better solution for me would be to use a Fibaro dimmer 2, but unfortunately I have not yet discovered a 24V LED trafo that is dimmable and works well with Fibaro dimmer. Any sugguestions?

Regards, Stefan

Is you main concern switching off power to the the transformer, or just switching off the light?

If you have room behind your switch today, and don’t mind the transformer being powered all the time, put a Fibaro Dimmer or Switch 2 there (connected to nothing, just as a scene controller) and make a direct association from the Dimmer/Switch to the RGBW.
That will always work even with OH down, and your Z-wave network will thank you for it. :slight_smile:

The double switch can control a dimmer:

Thanks. Powering the trafo 100% of the time is not nice but I could live with it.
Using both a Dimmer/Switch pluas the RGBW controller to control one light seems both from architecturural but especially cost point of view a bit crazy. :wink:
So if anyone can recommend a dimmable 24V trafo that works well with Fibaro dimmer I’d rather go for this option.

Here’s one: Sp30-24vft Input 200-240vac 30w 12v/24v Ip20 Plastic Case Constant Voltage Super Slim Triac Dimmable Snappy Led Driver - Buy Triac Dimmable,Super Slim Led Driver,30w Triac Dimming Product on

(Given you only need 1ch, you never said.)

Thanks for the hint. I didn’t find an 100W equivalent and finally decided to go for the Fibaro switch + Fibaro rgbw controller setup.

But maybe you can help me as you seem to have a similar setup. Instead of a Fibaro dimmer 2 I’m using a Fibaro switch 2 as scene controller. The setup works fine when I associate the switch input to the RGBW controller endpoint 1 in “classical” on/off mode. But as soon as I enable the timer function in the Fibaro switch 2 the switch doesn’t send anymore on/off commands to the rgbw controller. Do you use the timer function in your setup? Does it work for you?

Thanks Stefan

i am listening here as i am currently also searching for a 24V 1ch dimmer, as i am about to install a LED strip in the bedroom for lighting and planning to use it also as a wake up light.
Right now it will probably be a Fibaro Dimmer and a dimmable trafo.

in the living room i am operating 26 meters of RGBW stripes with three Fibaro RGBW2 Controller, working like charm, but using a 5ch controller for just one 1 ch is not the solution i am aiming for

Hi Florian, let me know your experiences. Maybe we can put together something like a compatibility matrix. I also own a Aeotec dimmer but haven’t done many trials yet.
I like the Fibaro dimmer for its multitude of parameters. I currently use it with a bunch of dimmable GU10 LED spots which work also really fine. Would be nice to find a dimmable 24V led trafo with 100W that is known to work with Fibaro dimmer.
Regards, Stefan

This one is 230V input 24V output 150W:

Which parameter is this?

I myself has just 1 direct Z-Wave association and that is between a Fibaro Switch 2 and a Fibaro Smart Implant used to control my garage gate.

You’re asking which parameter I use for the timer function? It’s Parameter 10.