Fibaro RGBW predefined Programs Activation

HI Guys,

I noticed that the RGBW Zwave module from fibaro has an intresting function.
It contains multiple preprogrammed scenes that can be activated trough a Lua Script.( police siren,northern lights … )
Is there anyone that has done it yet in Openhab or knows how ? As i googled it i Saw that other systems can do it .

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I don’t think this will be anything to do with Lua - it’s presumably triggered through some sort of command class…

However I guess you’re reading this on the MCV website where they can send raw commands via Lua? Can you provide the link and I’ll take a look…

I Will search the info and post in here.
Thnx for looking in to ik :wink:

Found some info here,15132.180.html

I think that this is just Luup code - nothing to do with the device itself. This code runs on the MCV Vera which is a scripting language for the Vera…

When i first starten to use fibaro i idee home genie which could also do this. so i’m sure there must be some Way. The question is how?

Can you look into it?

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But what do you actually want to do?

If you just want to have ‘preprogrammed scenes’ then you would need to use rules, which if I understand the MCV page you referenced, is what they are doing…

I want to be able to activate the predefined scènes.
I have nog idea how.
I have never made a rule That sends a parameter to a z-wave device.

Can you point to the documentation where it says there are predefined themes within this device? I don’t see anything in the documentation that says this device can do any scenes.

The scenes in Vera appear to me to be controlled through rules - not directly in the device. The device has configuration options to set the time between colour changes, so I suspect you need to configure some of these and use a rule to change the settings to provide the scenes you want…

I might be wrong - maybe the device does have internal scene functionality, but the Fibaro documentation doesn’t mention it so I doubt it is included. If you can find the documentation on how this is configured, then I’d be happy to take another look.

If you read the topic i send you it does say its included inthe device by changing the parameter 72 from 5 till 6 , 5 programs are included in the device, fireplace,police siren,storm,northernlight,rainbow.

They say you have to set the module to rgb/rgbw, that i get and then change option 72.
The alarm scene in the fibaro is also selectable remember ? There i have the police scene setup.

Like i said before with homegenie i could activate these.
The fibaro api does it by http command, found the info on fibaro uk by googling fibaro rgbw programs.

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In the manual, I’ve found :
72. Starting predefined program when device set to work in
RGB/RGBW mode (parameter 14) - relevant for main
controllers other than Home Center 2 only.
Default setting:
animation program number
Parameter size:

Here they also talk about it :slight_smile:

Great - so what do you need changed? Can’t you just do what it says (change parameter 72 etc)? There should be nothing stopping you from doing this on OH I think?

I don’t personally have this device, so I can’t try it, but have you tried to do what is suggested in the information you’ve found?

What i want to do is create butttons to start stop and select the animation.
I have no idea how to make a button that changes a device property.

You need to create a item that is linked to the property you want to change. In this case you want to change a configuration setting - as per the wiki, you need to do something like the following -:
zwave=xx:command=CONFIGURATION, parameter=72

This should configure an item linked to parameter 72. Then you need to add this to your sitemap - you probably want to add some mappings so that you can name the scenes appropriately. The mapping will map the name to the command you want to send.

Ok thx i will try this assap and post the results

What do i type behind the 72 ? As i want to set parameter 72 to 6 for example ?

I’m not sure what you mean…

If you want to set parameter 72 to 6, then in your sitemap button, you should configure a mapping that sets number 6 to “Scene 6” -:
mappings = [ "1"="Scene 1", "6"="Scene 6" ]

i did what you asked but the mapping numbers are not activating the required scene ?

What happens if you just set this manually using HABmin? Otherwise, I can’t do much without a log…