Fibaro RGBW reconfigure

Hi there, I’m using OH 2.4.0 and I’m using different fibaro controllers via z-wave binding.

I have one rgb controller that is working if I use the computer interface to control it, But If I use the wall switch the click is associated to the wrong item.
On wallswitch clik I get:
[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - LuceCorridoioNode3_Dimmerred changed from 34 to 0

While i would like to get a simple on/off from the switch.
I think it should trigger the dimmer thing of the fibaro (called LuceCorridoioNode3_Dimmer)

Can you please help me on how to set the wallswitch to send this commands (please don’t tell me I have to reset the device and re-add it to my network):
[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - LuceCorridoioNode3_Dimmer changed from 100 to 0
[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - LuceCorridoioNode3_Dimmer changed from 0 to 100

thank you

I’m guessing the device does not have a ON/OFF channel so try a proxy switch item and rule to make the wall switch work as ON/OFF.

it has a dimmer channel, but I dont know how to link the switch action to the dimmer item

Create the proxy item wallswitch if needed (or whatever your wallswitch shows up as in OH) and try a rule like something below.

You may want to test this in VSCode as it may have a syntax error.

rule "switch"
    Item wallswitch changed 
    if(LuceCorridoioNode3_Dimmer.state as Number == 0){

Yes is has:

Should be:

rule "switch"
    Item wallswitch changed
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Seems I can never put a rule together without some typo when not using VSCode.:grin:

Thanks for the correction.:+1:

@dexterweb I did edit the code above with changed.