Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is generating buzz sound

Hey guys,

I know, this is not a Fibaro support forum, but I have an issue with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 and Fibaro is not able to help.
I bought one of the Fibaro Roller Shutters 2 modules a few months ago to start with my home automation, so it was basically about testing. After I’ve installed the first shutter and did the configuration of the device in OpenHAB, I ordered a second one and this is where my problems started.

After installing the second Roller Shutter, I noticed, that the device generated a “buzz sound”. It’s a very gentle sound, I had to put the shutter next to my ear, but it’s there. I send the device back to amazon and got a replacement, which generated the same sound. In the meantime I order 5 more of the devices and all of them, except the first one I installed, were generating the sound. I took two of them and send them to Fibaro Poland for testing. They told me, that the power supply was defect and send me two new shutters. But when I installed them this morning, they were also generating the sound :frowning:

As probably a few of you guys are using the Fibaro Roller Shutters - does anyone have the same “problem”? I wondering if there could be anything in my electrical installation, that could be the root cause of the sound (e.g. fuses, ground fault circuit interrupter or electric meter). Or maybe it’s a normal behavior of the device and I am just oversensitive, but since Fibaro says, that the devices are completely silent, I don’t think that this is the case.

Thank you in advance,

Hello Basti,
i have some Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 devices. I don’t hear anything. Do you measure the current and the voltage on the device? You are only allowed to operate one roller shutter with the device.

BR, Gogi

Hi Gogi,

and thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Well, I only use one device per roller shutter. I’ve tested almost everything - I switched of all fuses in my house, except the one in the room, where I tested the devices. I also removed my powerLAN adapters, switched off my DECT phone, installed the devices in different rooms to see if it makes a difference, and so on. Non of these actions solved the problem.
I also tested my the power circuit in my house (230V, 50Hz). Connection of the shutter is also correct - phase connected to L, neutral wire connected to N. I also tried to only connect N and L, N and L + roller shutter, N and L + switch and N and L + switch and shutter. It’s always the same.
Fibaro installed the newest firmware for me, so this is probably also okay. I don’t have any idea what else could be the issue. I also tried to install them in the house of my brother in law, but the result is the same.

From my point of view it looks like, that there’s a general issue with the devices, since I have two of them in the same room, one is absolutely quiet (the first on I’ve installed), the other one is generating the sound. But, I tested 11 devices so far and only one of them works as expected - this would be a mayor quality issue on Fibaro side and to be honest, I don’t think that this is the case here.

Hy Basti,
I also think that this is a quality problem of fibaro.
BR, Gogi

I have two fibaros and both make that noise. It’s almost imperceptible but it’s there. To date, they did not cause problems and always thought it was “normal”

As per statement of Fibaro, the devices should be absolutely noiseless. When I send them my 2 devices, the fault description said “Broken power supply module”, but they worked as expected, the only issue I had was the noise generated by the devices.
I generally don’t have a problem with the noise since it’s, as you said, imperceptible. But when I installed them in my bedroom, and it was absolutely quite in this room, I could at least recognize the noise, which is not acceptable for me.
I ordered some other devices from another vendor. Hope that they will be noiseless and robust.

It’s probably the SMPS (switched-mode power supply) within the module (this creates the low-voltage needed for the control electronics within the module) and is caused by the rapid switching that takes place within the voltage converter.

If it occurs on every, or almost every module then it’s probably down to bad design (of the PCB layout, component choice and other factors).

I think you need to go back to Fibaro and tell them the noise, in a home environment, is not acceptable.

The funny thing is, that Fibaro implies, that there device is okay and that I did something wrong during the installation. I think this is a fight that you cannot win…

Okay, so I just got my new device from Qubino (Flush Shutter). It’s also generating noise.

I’m wondering if there’s anything, that could explain this. From my point of view, I have a totally “normal” electrical installation in my house, nothing special. I know that SMPSs, as Tom said, can generate some kind of noise, but I’ve one Fibaro device that is absolutely noiseless, all other devices are not. How can this be? Could it really be, that the devices are just build with cheap china components, and that this is the reason for all this?

I’m really frustrated :frowning:

Design tolerances. Choice of components (for example,if one component is at one end of the tolerance of a certain characteristic and another is at another end, this combination could be enough to cause problems such as noise and may, and this is purely speculation, not have been picked up at the pre-production stage of a product’s development).
Perhaps one in ten have unacceptable buzzing.
To get a product through approvals, normally you need to submit only one and be sure that if time and costs are tight, you’re going to submit your best performing one out of a batch!

Thanks, Tom.

Well, that doesn’t sound good. My plan was to start with the automation of all the roller shutters in my house (14 in total), and to continue with other bits and pieces afterwards, but with my experience and your explanation, I doubt, that this is a good idea.

The devices I currently have are installed in my office, so I don’t have a problem, if they are not 100% noiseless, but for all other rooms, especially bed-, child’s and living room, I don’t want devices that generate any kind of noise. Too bad! Maybe I have to thing about a wired solution like KNX, but this would be overkill, since I’d have to renew the whole electrical installation in my house, which is not really an option.