Fibaro roller shutter 3 FGR-223 configuration for electric windows

anybody knows which parameter have I to change to FGR-223 to work with electric windows that normally works with a pushed up/down button but they starts moving (for close or open) after 3 seconds. With default params it’s not calibrating.


Hello Giorgio,

I have the parent 222 and calibration was not possible.
The problem was a “soft start” from the inbuilt electronics of the window opener.
But I can live with that as I can open and close it, just e.g. 50% open does not work unfortunately.

@chris4789 for now I solved setting manually:

157: Time of down movement
156: Time of up movement

set both to 16000 (16 seconds) and seems work, but it could be nice to have adjusted automatically, I imagine the param

155: Motor operation detection

can help

I have here completely different parameter numbers.
I have here

12: Turning time/ delay time (set to 150)
18: Motor operation detection (set to 1)
22: Motor operation time (set to 60)

That comes maybe form your newer 223.
For me it works fine with this settings as I have no need to get a special opening percentage.
I think you just have to accept that no calibration is working :wink: