Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213 EU v3.3 not recognized

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Synology NAS 218
    • OS: dsm 6.2
    • Java Runtime Environment: 8
    • openHAB version: 2.5.2
  • Issue of the topic: Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213 EU v3.3 not recognized.

It seems this version isn’t recognized yet by OH.
Any ideas if i can add it myself as a thing or something i can do instead of waiting to be added to openhab?

It is already in the community maintained database and last updated for version 2.5.2.

thats strange. Any idea why i get it as unknown device? regional difference or such?

If there was an xml file generated in the zwave folder of userdata that could give us hints. That contains information from the device itself.

sadly no, only 2 of them in that folder but those are from the controller and roller shutter 3

So it was not included properly.
I would delete the unknown device in paper UI and start a search for Z-wave devices.
I think you have to triple click S1 to get device in inclusion mode.
If that does not work you should check if it is in range of the controller.

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Yes i gave it another try after i saw that no xml was created. Removed it from the stick and added it again. Now it shows up correctly. I am not a big fan of removing the stick because it gets offline and i need to restart the service on the synology nas a couple of times before it is online again.

Fine that you got it done finally.
If you have security not enabled devices are normally included also via other powered devices closer to the controler.
But this can get stuck from time to time …

the problem with the stick was autodiscovery in version 2.5 i upgraded to 2.5.9 and now no problem at all with stick or rebooting.