Fibaro Smoke sensor FGSD-002 ZW5 V.3.3 unknown device

Hi, im new to openhab and smarthome, i’ve added the smoke sensor, but it says unknown device, and update is triggered many times, log is confirming that.
In the section for the z-wave binding i see that the fibaro smoke sensor is supported, but stil wont get incuded properly. added av inwall switch and that works perfect.
running openhabian2 on raspberry pi with the aeotoch gen5 usb stick.
added from paper UI
Any ideas?

Have you woken up the device? Some battery devices need to be woken up multiple times before they’re fully discovered. If after that it’s still showing Unknown, can you check for the existence of a “node.xml” file for that node in the userdata/zwave directory? If the file is there, please post the manufacturer, deviceId, and deviceType. It will look something like this, but with numbers specific to your device.


Also, what version of openHAB are you running? If you’re on the 2.3 release, which is very old at this point, the database possibly didn’t contain this device when 2.3 was built.

Hi, super fast answer! wow!
yes i’ve woken it up several times, and the log shows its updated, so i know its communicating.
manufactuer: 0x60
device: 0x8
devicetype: 0x4

Running openhabian, and openhab2 version 2.3.0-1

What is the best way to update te database?

Are you should you used the right node.xml? 0x60 is the manufacturer ID for Everspring. Fibaro is 0x10F.

ops, you are right, sorry.

Manufacturer: 0x10f
Devideid: 0x1003 (cant find “device” on this node)
Devicetype 0xc02

This device is in the database here.

I suspect this was added to the database after 2.3 was released. To pick it up, you’ll need to update to either a snapshot build or a milestone release. I’ve never done this myself as I’ve always run snapshots, but there are instructions for how to upgrade here on the forum.

Note that by updating, you’ll also need to deal with this.

Allright, thank you so much for your answers!
I’ll look into upgrading, or start over using snapshot version, only added 3 things so far.

Best regards


The openhabian-config tool has a function to update to unstable snapshot version.
That made the smoke sensor be configured correctly!

Thanxs again!

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