Fibaro Switch 2 - Cannot find neutral cable in my box

I’m trying to connect a Fibaro Double Switch 2 behind my wall switch. I’m following this video found in Fibaro’s site.

Video expects that there is a neutral cable in my wall box but I cannot find any or I don’t know how to recognize. I do see three blue and three ground (yellow-green) cables passing inside the switch (picture bellow). Is it any of these ones?

If you don’t know what you are doing, get an electrician to help you out.
You could injure yourself as well as causing damage which most likely will not be covered by your insurance.

That being said the easiest way of identifying the cables are in my oppinion:

  1. Look at how they were connected before, one is ground (yellow-green most likely), one is neutral (blue one most likely) and the last one is phase (black or brown most likely)
    If you had an outlet in the hole, one of them has to be neutral.
  2. Measure which one is which. Put it all together, use a multimeter
    Hold one of them on the ground and the other one of the one you want to measure, In the outlet (don’t measure on the bare cables use the outlet casing). if you get Voltage you have the live/phase cable and if you get nothing you will have the neutral wire.

Again be really careful, this is how I go about it. I’m no electrician, don’t fiddle with the bare cables when the power is on, so easy to make a mistake. In my house the cables comes in all different colors, I’ve had live wires with blue color and so on

  1. no socket there. Just switches. So neutral should be one not attached to the switches. That’s what I understand from the video and what you are saying.

It was actually pretty simple! These three blue cables in the picture… when I pulled them out a bit I realized they are actually connected! That was my neutral. So my Fibaro works now! :slight_smile:

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