Fibaro Wall - missing meter reset?

I have checked the Fibaro Wall devices ( shutter, outlet, switch…) and i’m missing the reset_meter option. The Fibaro Wall Plug supports COMMAND_CLASS_METER_V2 and there is an reset_meter channel.
The wall series use COMMAND_CLASS_METER_V3 but the database and the xml files in open zwave binding miss the reset_meter channel.
The manual from the wall devices says, that you can reset the counter via zwave or physically.
So… dont support the wall series the reset or is the confif just incomplete?

Can anyone help me and check this? Maybe it would be great how i can check (without OH) which channel an zwave device supports… and how i can add the missing channel ( if supported) in the zwave binding …

Wall device : ZWave Thing | openHAB
Plug device: ZWave Thing | openHAB

I don’t know whether FGWOE-011 supports it.

To add the reset channel, please follow the instructions outlined in the

Thanks for your little answer.
Meanwhile i could read the raw answer data from the device via pc controller.
I send the “METER_SUPPORTED_GET” Command and received “32 04 81 05”
32 = Command Class Meter V3
04 = Meter Supported Report
81 = 100000001 (1|00|00001) (1 bit meter reset [BOOL]| 2 reserved bit [HEX]| 5 meter type bits [HEX])
So the 1 mean true vor meter reset. I think the other devices supports it also

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