Fibaro Wall Plug (UK) Gen5 (Z-Wave) not in Z-Wave database in Openhabian (RPi)


I’ve been playing with OpenHABian to build a Z-Wave Automation network. I wanted to add my Fibaro Gen5 UK Wall plugs, but they’re not a recognised device. They’re a “standard” binary on/off switch with an additional power meter in watts. There might be an additional energy consumption report in kWh too, but I can’t work out if that’s reported by the device or summed by most controllers.

Here’s the z-wave properties - what do I need to do to get it added to the Z-Wave database, and therefore controlled by OpenHAB?



You can find information on the database here -:

However your device is already in the database. My guess is you are using an older version of the binding and just need to change to use a newer version.

Thanks Chris for your specific answer. I can see my reported values of 271:6145:4096 match 010f:1801:1000, so I guess it should match that device, assuming I’m using that version of the database.

I’m using a brand-new install of openhabian (3 days old) with a newly-apt-get-updated installation and install of the Z-Wave binding. I’m still getting to grips with openhab but I’m generally ok with Linux. I’m trying to find which version of the Z-Wave binding I’ve got installed.

Edit: I can see that the Z-Wave binding I’ve got installed supports the device “fgwpb121” by searching the Supported Things - this device is mentioned in the device you linked to, so is it possible that something else is different?

Please check that you are using the latest version. If you have installed the stable version (2.3), then this is not very new and you should use 2.4 M4.

If you are using this, let me know and I’ll check that the database has been exported for this device - sometimes they get missed.

Thanks Chris - I used openhabian-config to switch to the unstable release (version was 2.4… something, but I don’t recognise the M4 suffix). Now it works perfectly. Now to test the range :slight_smile:

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