FIBARO WALLI Switch FGWDSEU-221 not in database for OH2 Release 2.5.12

I run OH2.5.12 on the RaspberrrPi and recently I wanted to add FIBARO WALLI Switch FGWDSEU-221. This was not properly recognised bz the OH sustem I suppose:

I though I migh have older version of the FIBARO Switch, so I bought another one. Unfortunately the same issue.
I read some post on that and I figured out the database needs to be udpated. Unfortunately I do not know how to rise this topic and receive rather fast udpate.

How to resolve these two Devices appearing in the Inbox?
Do I need to run through OH update process again when the new database is available? Or it is enough to swap some configuration files?


Adding devices while on 2.5.x is eventually going to require an update to OH3. Each Zwave binding contains a copy of the Zwave device DB at the time of creation. Future device changes are included in later versions, but IIRC 2.5.12 was the last 2.5.x version and OH3 zwave bindings are not compatible with an OH2.5.12 installation.

That said, do you have a OH2.5.12 Zwave .jar file in your addons folder? If yes, can you use a zip utility to peek into the structure and look for the file I have highlighted.
Fibaro Walli

Note that in OH2.5 the device XMLs are in the ESH-INF folder, not OH-INF. Although this device was added back with OH2.5, if was undergoing revision at the time the jar was being created, it will not be in the version you have. There might be an advanced option to add it. If this looks like too much, I’d suggest an upgrade to OH3

I understand Oh2 is not being developed anymore and I can not expect updates on Z-Wave components. I will switch to Oh3.