Fibaro Z-Wave double switch is not posting it's status

Fibaro double switch FGS223 is not posting it’s status when pressing the wall switch. I have tried to do everything now, but the result is always the same.

Fibaro thing shows up in the “inbox”. It can be configured as “thing” and creating the “items” works fine. I’m able to turn on and off the both switches from OH2 without any problems. But when ever I push the wall switch, the state of the light doesn’t update to OH2.
I am not sure whether this is OpenHAB problem or Fibaro hardware problem. All I know for sure is that the items states doesn’t update.

When I first discovered this problem the switch status update was slow. It could take up to ten minutes, before the switch state was updated. In order to fix this, I first removed all the items and then I removed also the thing. Since it didn’t solve the problem I removed the device form Z-Wave controller and did a new pairing.
After this I re-created all the “things” and “items” with a different names just to be sure the whole chain of “item” creation would be done with new names.
Now everything works like described: switch status won’t update to OH2, but I can still control both switches from OH2 and from the wall switch. The only difference now is that the late update is even slower than what it was before.

I started to monitor the log for Zwave controller StartFrames and FramsAknowledged mesages. I noticed that every single time when I press the Fibaro button 1 there is some messages sent to the controller. Same thing when I switch off the button 1, there are some messages transferred exactly that point. But when I do the same for button 2, there is no frames or acknowledge messages sent. This makes me wonder, if this issue is after all caused by a Fibaro switch instead of OH2.

I have several other Fibaro switches installed in the house. They all work fine and they update the status immediately to OH2. I have gone through all the possible settings for this item, but didn’t find anything that could cause this behavior. I also did a factory reset for the switch.

When I press the button on the fine working Fibaro switch, I can see in logs that the StarFrames counter will be increased by 1. After this I see the status update message for the Item and one more StartFrame message. This works like this every single time when pressing the button. But the faulty switch doesn’t work like this. There is some StartFrames -message after pressing the button number 1, but when pressing the button number 2, there will be no messages sent.

Is there any idea where to look up next?

Check “Association Groups” in thing settings if they are all configured to send reports to controller.

I have compared all the settings with the working one. Everything is the same with it.
And to be honest, I don’t even understand the whole idea behind the “association groups”, even that I Googled about it.

Is there some particular setting I should check up?

Well I’m no expert either and also find it quite confusing, but as far as I understand it with association group you can chose other zwave devices in network this device should send status updates to. So If you want to receive button press events in openahb, you need to configure the device to send status updates to “Controller”.

Under “Association groups” tab in thing settings there should be “Lifeline” and then 2 pairs of “Dimmer” and “On/Off” dropdowns for each switch (S1, S2). Open them and check all have the checkbox next to “Controller” item checked, and then save it.

That should not be necessary if the OP is running a recent version. The binding figures out the Lifeline group.

What version is @Petro_Simonen running?

I have just updated the most recent version “openHAB 2.5.2-1”
I’ve started to think if this has something to do with this issue…

Start by enabling debug level for org.openhab.binding.zwave to get to see the messages from the switch to the controller. Forget about association groups as long it is only about the switch and the controller. But you need to correctly configure the 1st association (“lifeline”) to point to the controller.
If you hit the switch (and it results in a change in lighting state !) you should see a zwave message going from the actuator to the controller.

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The setting “Lifeline” was already configured as “Controller”. Then I changed the setting number 2 “On/Off (S1)” value to “Controller” as well as the setting number 4 “On/Off (S2)” value was set “Controller”. I also set the polling period to 10 minutes.

These settings did not take place immediately, but in the morning I noticed, that the “switch on” command did send the update to OH2 immediately. But for some reason the “switch off” command doesn’t update until some 10 to 15 minutes.

I also noticed that reporting off states is a bit wonky, I think it depends on which switch mode you have set and if you use delays and whatnot.
I have bathroom fan connected to one output and I use channel “Electric meter (watts) 2” to monitor whether the fan is on or off (power > 0 means it’s on) and it seems to be pretty reliable since I use toggle switch mode with some power off delay.