Filemaker pro

I’m trying to hook up fmp to openhab. So that that i can log every data in fmp. I’m looking for a binding or an mqtt protocol that works with fmp.
Any suggestions


Wow haven’t seen Filemaker for a decade or two, used early versions on a Mac. Anyway I doubt there is a Filemaker pro specific binding so you’d need to consider alternatives.

Are you trying to make it your persistency layer or just want a copy of your data in fmp?

It’s kind of a question whether to pull data from OH within fmp or push data from within OH to fmp.

Do you need it realtime?

Are you running Filemaker Server? You could then use JDBC to implement a persistency layer in OH.

Would you rather build a solution in OH or fmp?

A quick google didn’t show any MQTT support within fmp, do you know otherwise?

Sorry more questions than answers.