Files list in sitemap "Selection"

Hello! I want the “Selection” element to display the contents of a specific folder. That is, i want the names of the files to be elements of the list (it would also be nice to modify the names of these files, at least dropping the extensions). The contents of the “Selection” list should be automatically updated when adding / removing files from a folder.
How can i realize my idea?

I think there is a kind of way to do that

If I follow along correctly, you would need to update StateOptions properties of your anchor Item.

This is something that bindings usually do. This is not possible from DSL rules, I don’t know about NGRE.
It might be that “dynamic” if you alter these after UI load.

Thank you for answering that. But I’m afraid my knowledge isn’t enough to get things done. Let’s leave it at that until better times.