Filter for status DISCARDED_ NON_DEVICE_DIRECTED_INTENT seems to no longer work

I may have this compleatly wrong, but I think something changed a few months ago (sorry, not sure exactly when) that causes the “lastVoiceCommand” to be changed on every echo device within ear-shot.
for example, when I say “Alexa, what’s the time”, if three echo devices hear this question, only the closest device responds (as you woudl expect) BUT the lastVoiceCommand relating to all three devices. This causes issues with OH rules that run based on custom commands - ie the rule runs three times.

From what I can read, commands heard on devices that are not the intended (ie closest) device, are marked with a status of “DISCARDED_NON_DEVICE_DIRECTED_INTENT”. This status should not trigger the updating of “lastVoiceCommand”.
Appologies in advance if I have got this wrong.