Finally got Openhab2 igured out

After a year or so Hiatus I decided to figure out Openhab2 I had 1.8 totally figured out and then it was changed (we all know how humans adapt to change)(Kicking and screaming ) so I sat down over the last 2 days and figured out the MQTT bindings and sitemaps …Its actually not bad once I figured it out

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Welcome back.
I hope you are using version 2.5 Stable and MQTT v2 binding.
Development has started on openHAB 3. I expect it will be 18 months - 2 years before we see a stable build of that though.

I am not sure where you are pulling numbers from.
Scope of changes at this moment is fairly limited. Stabilization of build is not a problem if you have no changes. As once someone said - if your build is always green, it means that either your tests are worthless or things you work on aren’t that difficult after all. :slight_smile:

A personal estimate.

Yea not going to upgrade any time soon … The Tutorials sucked …There were items examples that had nothing to do with openhab2 it took a lot of fiddle fu#cking around but finally got it right …and was reading my outputs

If you encounter issues with the documentation, please let us know, so we can improve it.
BTW, everyone can improve the docs, just hit the button “Edit on github”


Good point …Ill see about updating it a bit