Finding Vantage QLink IP Enabler Address

I have a vantage qlink system with an IP Enabler installed.

How can I find or set the IP address of the IP enabler?

The IP Enabler has a link light.
The IP Enabler mac address does not show up in my router ARP table.

The IP enaber spec sheet vaguely refers to a windows-based “IP Enabler Configuration Utility”. This device (IPE1000) appears to be a PoE IP to serial device. Is this generic? Is there some generic configuration or protocol for the device, or does it have Vantage specific firmware on it?

Any help is appreciated.

I think this is the manual to for your device. It describes the steps that need to be done to configure an IP address in your network. As far as I understand it does not use DHCP. As long as the device does not use an IP address from your network it will not be visible in your network.