FindMyIphone SubAccounts

The Iphone Binding seems to work great for my phone (main phone on account, although not sure if apple tracks this, just making it known).

I was able to get my phone an my wife’s phone setup using the same iCloud account. The location, the battery etc all work fine.
The only issue is with find my iphone when I try to trigger her phone.

For my phone, no issues. But if I try to find her phone it looks ok from the logs but nothing happens.

The work around was to create a 2nd Thing for icloud using her icloud login instead of mine and it worked.

Is this a known issue? I know that if I login to findmyiphone app on the phone I can trigger or find anyone in my family. However, I am not able to do this using only my account in the binding.

If anyone has this working with 1 main account…can you share your configs?

Here is my .items file prior to doing the 2nd iCloud binding thing.

Group    iCloud_GroupWife "Wife's iPhone"

String   iPhone_BatteryStatus_Wife             "Battery Status [%s]" <battery> (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:batteryStatus"}
Number   iPhone_BatteryLevel_Wife              "Battery Level [%d %%]"   <battery> (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:batteryLevel"}
Switch   iPhone_FindMyPhone_Wife             "Find Wife's iPhone"           (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:findMyPhone", autoupdate="false"}
Switch   iPhone_Refresh_Wife                   "Force iPhone Refresh"             (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:location", autoupdate="false"}
Location iPhone_Location_Wife                  "Coordinates"                      (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:location"}
Number   iPhone_LocationAccuracy_Wife          "Coordinates Accuracy [%.0f m]"    (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:locationAccuracy"}
DateTime iPhone_LocationLastUpdate_Wife        "Last Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM]" <time> (iCloud_GroupWife) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:d4762633:locationLastUpdate"}
Switch   iPhone_Home_Wife                      "Phone Home"            <presence> (iCloud_GroupWife)

Group    iCloud_Group "My iPhone"

String   iPhone_BatteryStatus             "Battery Status [%s]" <battery> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:batteryStatus"}
Number   iPhone_BatteryLevel              "Battery Level [%d %%]"   <battery> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:batteryLevel"}
Switch   iPhone_FindMyPhone               "Trigger Find My iPhone"           (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:findMyPhone", autoupdate="false"}
Switch   iPhone_Refresh                   "Force iPhone Refresh"             (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:location", autoupdate="false"}
Location iPhone_Location                  "Coordinates"                      (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:location"}
Number   iPhone_LocationAccuracy          "Coordinates Accuracy [%.0f m]"    (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:locationAccuracy"}
DateTime iPhone_LocationLastUpdate        "Last Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM]" <time> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:ffe16ea1:c03ca019:locationLastUpdate"}
Switch   iPhone_Home                      "Phone Home"            <presence> (iCloud_Group)

You mean the ringing tone on phones? I got same issue since some weeks. Maybe apple changed something on the API not been done in the binding :confused:

Some weeks before it worked fine

I just tested.

I ealier used one iCloud-ID from family for all functions.
Bridge with Child A credentials
Things Wife, Mine, Child A, Child B, Child C under this Bridge

Anything worked fine

Now I can confirm behavior of Gregs Post:
With binding everything works fine, only Ring Phone from distance (iCloud Function Find my Phone) not working anymore.

If recreate structure:
Bridge Child A - Thing Child A
Bridge Child B - Thing Child B

it works again.

While logging in to iCloud and using find my phone there, I can use it crossing all family accounts. So, Child A is logged in to iCloud can Call Ringing tone to find phone for all acounts in family.

This should work with binding again, too. Because it works from icloud cross apple-IDs I think it could be done via binding too.

Big Advantage using one Bridge: Person is able to disable Location Sharing to family and is free to decide.

So its a bug in actual binding. 2.5.11

Information: Under Binding iCloud 3.01 still the same. The Bridge need to be registered for every appleID of all family members to let ringing tone via ICloud work :frowning:

I ust looked the API-Documents from Apple. They had version Date of 2020-10-06 could be the point binding stopped working for ringing tones.

Don’t know the earlier version, but for ringing tone (Start_Sound) in the API there is a special Command for non owners (0x300) now different from owners Command (0x200).

So maybe the thing configuration needs a flag if owner device or not and a different usage of apples API