Fire a channel from sitemap / basic ui?

Hi Everyone

How do i add channels too my sitemap

Im using a few Amazon dash buttons with my setup and want too be able too simulate a button being pressed from the sitemap so rules can run without actually pressing the physical button

change the channel too pressed from my sitemap

Amazon Dash Binding does not use Items only things and channel and i dont know how too add these



rule "Dash Button 1"
    Channel "amazondashbutton:dashbutton:3d:press" triggered
    logInfo("NOTE", "Amazon Dash Button 1 Has Been Pressed")

You can’t.

If you want trigger that rule just create an item for the Sitemap and added that item as a trigger to the rule.

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WHAT? Something we can’t do with OH? Impossible!

@Sharpy, Rich is right, unfortunately. When it comes to sitemaps, there are quite a few things that can’t be done, This is one of them…


That’s strange I would have thought this was possible it’s possible too add things like charts and they seem more complex than switches

@rlkoshak do you have a reson why this is not possible I’m just curious

You can add things liked to items in the sitemap but not to channels…
That answers the question to Rich too

Really? In my understanding you would add the linked item to the sitemap not the Thing. Also I would say an item is linked to a channel of a Thing not the Thing itself. But I might be wrong.

I have been adding items no problem

But amazon dash doesn’t use items only a thing and a channel so it seems this can’t be added

@rlkoshak thanks for that I know I can add a proxy item too fire the rule I just wanted too add it directly I might use this approach though

I think this is already answered but I’ll add my two cents anyway.

As I’ve said in other posts, Items are the coin of the realm. Rules mostly work on Items. Persistence exclusively works with Items. Sitemaps and HABPanel exclusively work with Items.

I’ve never been a big fan of the triggering Channel events because it breaks this nice clean division between Items and Things. It sets up expectations that you can do more with Things. But the purpose of them is to avoid the awkward approach that was used previously of a Switch that gets momentarily set to ON and immediately set back to OFF. Since all you care about is the event, the devs set up these triggers so you can trigger the Rule on the event straight from the Channel rather than requiring an Item. But the assumption is that this event is ephemeral. There would be no reason one would want to keep this data around in an Item or the like. So from this perspective it makes no sense to be able to assign this type of Channel to an Item.

Are you referring to PaperUI’s Control section? Because you can only add Items to the sitemap as far as I’m aware.