FireMotD - Installation on my Raspberry pi "OpenHAB-DB"

Hi All.
I have a Raspberry pi 3+ Running as a Remote DB . This is basically a Remote io with some smart controls and monitoring. that sends information via MQtt and runs some rule controls via Node Red.

  1. so what I want to do is install FireMotD on it the same as what is on my openhab server as I log in to it via SSH to show me the same information . just the stats of the pi but also the openhab Logo . ?

  2. can I change the wording to add a access clause to it ?

Thanks for all the help we always receive from the Community

The answer to 1 is yes. I install FireMotD on all my Linux machines including Linux Subsystem for Windows and the Linux subsystem on my Chromebook.

For the how and what you can change on the display your best bet is to see the project’s repo.

Beyond any trouble you may have with it on openHABian, it’s really out of scope for openHAB.

I’m not sure how much help it is, but here is the FISH script I use to install FireMotD on my machines on first login after I’ve changed my default shell to FISH.

function fish_greeting

  if not type /opt/FireMotD/FireMotD > /dev/null 2>&1

    echo ----Installing FireMotD
    sudo apt-get -y install bc sysstat jq moreutils make

    echo ----Cloning FireMotD repo
    sudo git clone /opt/FireMotD

    echo ----Making the program
    cd /opt/FireMotD
    sudo make install
    sudo make bash_completion
    sudo ./FireMotD -s

    echo ----Creating cron to generate/update /var/tmp/FireMotD.json
    sudo echo "#!/bin/bash
/usr/local/bin/FireMotD -S &>/dev/null" | sudo tee -a /etc/cron.daily/firemotd >/dev/null
    sudo chmod a+x /etc/cron.daily/firemotd

    echo ----Configure Apt updates count
    sudo echo 'DPkg::Post-Invoke {
  "if [ -x /usr/local/bin/FireMotD ]; then echo -n \'Updating FireMotD available updates count ... \'; /usr/local/bin/FireMotD -sru -S; echo \'\'; fi";
};' | sudo tee  -a /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/15firemotd >/dev/null

  switch $HOST
  case argus
    set -g _theme red
  case cerberos
    set -g _theme blue
  case chiron
    set -g _theme orange
  case fafnir
    set -g _theme gray
  case fenrir
    set -g _theme modern
  case huginn
    set -g _theme modern
  case hydra
    set -g _theme original
  case manticore
    set -g _theme red
  case medusa
    set -g _theme original
  case sibyl
    set -g _theme modern
  case norns
    set -g _theme blue
  case penguin
    set -g _theme gray
  case sirens
    set -g _theme orange
  case nidhogg
    set -g _theme red
  case sleipnir
    set -g _theme modern
  case '*'
    set -g _theme invader

  bash /opt/FireMotD/FireMotD -HV --theme $_theme

  # Theme colors: (256) original, modern, gray, orange, invader (16) red, blue, clean, (HTML) html


I synchronize my fish configs between all my hosts using git so the switch statement at the end chooses a different theme based on the name of the host I’ve logged into. The last line is what actually shows the table of info. You will want this in your .profile or whatever is the right file for bash (or whatever is the right file for your preferred shell).

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Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get FireMotD installed on my other raspberry pi systems that don’t have OpenHAB. I couldn’t figure out why “apt install firemotd” refused to find and add the package for it. I even added the repository and gpg key for OpenHAB hoping it will pull it from there, but still no luck.

I’m essentially a beginner so I’ve been trying to find where it’s installed and see if I could duplicate the steps. Not successful until I found your script so thank you. I attempted to convert your FISH script to BASH. It seems to work so far. LOL.

One question though. I’m confused by this line in your script:

I guess it confuses “make” too since it says there’s no bash_completion target.