First beta - determining the scope

Hi team,

I’d love to get some input for where to focus on to get a first beta (probably more like alpha) out to everyone.

What’s currently there:

  • slider widget
  • switch widget
  • group widget
  • frame widget
  • image widget
  • text widget
  • demo mode
  • settings page
  • support for OH 1 and OH 2

What I’m looking for:

  • What widgets should definitely be in there for a beta version?
  • anything else beside widgets?

thanks for pitching in!


Hey Nico, thank you for doing this!
I’d suggest you to take a look at current HABdroid app - there’s one feature I use a lot, which is the Voice recognition. In OH1 it just passes the string to VoiceCommand Item, but in OH2 you might want to send POST request to /voice/interpreters

Looking forward to test your app! :slight_smile:

Cortana integration is definitely on my backlog, but I don’t think it’s used that much that I should spend time on it to get it into the beta.

to follow up on this: I have 3 items open that I want to get done before launching the first beta

for those that want to follow-up / help out:

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First beta is available on the Windows store! both Windows desktop / tablet / laptop and mobile are supported. xbox and raspberry pi coming soon :slight_smile:

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Is the application still in development ?
I started it today for the first time and my feeling is good with a different looking to other WEB applications.
But I see several bugs. If the application is still in development, I will report them in Git.

it’s still in development, however it’s been a while since I last worked on it.
Do report them in Git (and if you have the technical know-how and some free time, feel free to help out ;)).
Make sure to mention the device family you’re running on (phone, tablet, pc)

I’m planning on tackling the bugs pretty soon.

thanks for using the app and helping it become better!

Done, I opened issues for all obvious problems I encountered testing with my sitemap on a Windows 10 PC.
One is absolutely critical: no refresh of data, you have to quit and reopen the app to have refreshed data.
One is major: icon is not depending on state.
Few of them are for features apparently not yet implemented: color element, image and chart.

yeah, a bunch of those are not yet implemented stuff.

thx for reporting, I’ll use them as backlog :slight_smile: