First install on NAS, but want to integrate with Google Home

So I am looking to do my first deployment. My plan is to deploy it in Docker running on my Synology NAS, and I want to be able to integrate it with Google Home.
I’ve read up on the deployment in Docker on my NAS and feel comfortable with that part.

What I am less clear on is the best approach to integrate with Google Home. When I run Google Home and look for OpenHAB it looks like it wants to tie into OpenHAB cloud where I should create an account and register my deployment. The presumably I can tie my local deployment to my Google Home stuff?

Is that basically right? Or am I missing something? Or is there a better way to achieve that?

That’s basically right. Google Home integration is cloud to cloud. You’ll need an account both places, to install the openHAB Cloud Connector add-on, and add metadata to your Items. See Google Assistant | openHAB